Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank God for Neighbors

So after a very pleasant weekend of Macbeth, Crocodile Lounge, Odea, and the Fort Green Flea Market, and a new couch (!), it was 6 pm on Sunday and I realized I had no food in my apartment. The Coop closes at 7:30, so I had just enough time to get there, get my groceries, stand in line for 30 minutes before it closed. So I get on the subway, go a few stops, walk the 10 minutes. I open my purse as I'm getting there, and I realize that I left my wallet on my kitchen table. Shit. Don't you hate it when that happens?

Luckily, one of my neighbors was smoking his very tasty jerk chicken in his very own homemade grill, and he was nice enough to give me half of a chicken (he makes like 30 chickens all in one go), a huge plate of rice, potato salad, and regular salad (actually, just lettuce and tomato because it doesn't have any dressing, but thats another post).

I know I'm lucky to have one neighbor who is very welcoming and so generous and I hope that when I finally settle down in a house, I live in a neighborhood full of people like my neighbor Kevin.

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