Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fresh Start

So... its been a while. A long while. And for that, my (few) readers, I apologize. Matthew and I went to Per Se for his birthday, and I planned to gush about it in a few thousand words here about the exquisiteness that is Thomas Keller's kitchen. But, it turns expressing enthusiasm on paper is hard. Really hard. I did a few drafts, but I felt I wasn't getting across how much we anticipated the lunch, so I eventually gave up. And then I didn't post anything for a month and half because I felt I needed to get Per Se done before I did anything else.

But, this weekend Matthew inspired me. He was reading "Writing your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day," which among other useful advise, said to start writing in small amounts (10 minutes every day) in order go get used to the process of writing to think, rather than thinking to write. I had also read somewhere that to really become a food blogger, the process of cooking and writing have to fuse, which doesn't just happen, it takes progress.

So here I go again, I'm giving this blogging thing another try. No extravagant promises this time, I'm just going to write about what is bouncing around in my head. This way I can write about the things that I'm thinking about (the cute kids on the times dining section on 6/11 who will eat anything, the meaning of salad, the best food picture I've seen in a while) versus the things I've been eating (take out Chinese, yogurt, the deli of my office building).

(About that last extravagant challenge, I've basically become vegetarian at home, primarily for budget and environmental reasons, and its hard to do Mexican food without meat. Not a good excuse, not even a true excuse, since it is perfectly possible to have vegetarian Mexican food, I know, but planning is hard and time consuming, and not really how I eat or even think about food. Which I guess is then really my real reason :) )

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Matthew said...

this was a really nice post. and well-written, too!